Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My First Report

My First Report "Focus on the World" - Hewitt Homeschooling Resources

This comes pre-punched for placement in a notebook. This makes it easy for the student to work on one report at a time, then place it in a notebook as finished. You could also add pages if the student did other projects for that country. This would make a nice "World Studies" notebook - for all you notebooking fans.

Each report follows the same outline, making it easy for the student to follow. Each report includes vacabulary words, questions to aid discussion, and world map with specific country marked. Some of the vocabulary words can be referenced to suggested companion book Window on the World. There are thirteen reports covering: The Middle East; Northeast Africa; Northwest Africa; Southern Africa; Europe and the Artic Circle; Canada and the USA; Central America; Mexico and Caribbean Islands; South America; Eastern Asia; Souteast Asia; and Australia and Oceania.

In the back of the packet there is an unit study and master copies included. The unit study has ideas covering Bible/character, history/geography/social studies, reading, language, math, science/health, physical education, music, resources, world missions, field trips and art. There are reproducable maps and handwriting pages to be used for every country. These would fit great in your notebook.

The only adjustment needed for the deaf student would be a few of the unit study activities.But they give so many choices, that this shouldn't be a problem. Just skip over the ones that requiring listening and move on to the next suggestion. The reading section just includes books and poems to be read. If your student can read, then they could do this alone. But better yet, sign these stories for your student. This would be equivelant to reading aloud. Some of the suggested reading may be hard to find at a library, but just find books about the country of study to read. Most of the language activities would be great word studies for your deaf student. It is vocabulary work and emphasizes spelling and definitions. Some of the activities can be skipped without missing out on anything.

These materials are deaf friendly and look like fun! The handwriting sheets are for 1st through 2nd grade, but if your older child needs help with writing reports, the book is not written in a babyish way. I would just leave out the handwriting pages.

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