Monday, May 5, 2008

Succesful Puppet Making

Successful Puppet Making by Valerie Bendt

This book contains animal puppet patters for farm animals, wood animals and jungle animals. She offers simple, basic instructions for creating the puppets. She even includes instructions for a puppet theater with different scenes. The suggested materials are common household items or inexpensive craft items, all easily found. These are simple enough that the child can help make them, so it would be a fun project beginning to end!

As always, she mentions many other helpful resources. Each section includes a list of books to use with your puppets and facts about each animal.

I think puppets are a great avenue for story telling with a deaf child. No voice is necessary if the story is acted out well. So if verbage is necessary for the story, I would suggest the students acting it out themselves. These puppets are all one-handed puppets so maybe you could sign with the other hand. Be creative!

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