Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why is this reading thing so hard?

The following is my notes from a session presented by Max and Charlotte Wilhite at the TAPED convention.

Ideas for word exposure in the home:
Word Wall – Post words found in everyday life on the wall using sticky notes.
Labels – Label everything in the house and/or environment.
Gift of Language – Decorate a word and wrap it up in a gift for your child to open.
Fingerspell – Fingerspell words you don’t have signs for, names, etc. Even when child is a baby.
Reading Corner – Create a warm, cozy environment for the child to curl up with a book.
Reading Ritual – Have a set time everyday that you read a book together. Ex. Bedtime
Games – Play games together like Pictionary and Scrabble.
Experience Books – Create scrapbooks of events the child participated in with language at the child’s level. Ex. Baby pictures with one word phrases or a book about a family vacation.
Creative Time – Spend time together cooking (recipes), sewing (patterns), scrapbooking (captioning), etc.
Captioning – Use them on your TV.
Sidekick – Invest in one for your child.
Grocery Store – Let the child help with the grocery list, cut out labels of things you purchase and show them to your child and let him help find them at the store.
Idioms – Don’t remember their specific point other than expose your child to them.
In This Sign – Read this book and then watch the movie.

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