Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Schedules are an important topic when talking about deaf children. All children like the security of a schedule, but deaf children thrive off of a schedule.

In homeschooling sometimes we tend to be flexible - sometimes too flexible in our daily routines. This can cause havoc to a deaf child. A hearing child can hear all the background conversation all day long, but the deaf child only has the information directly fed to him or visually available. Example: My son can deal with a change in the schedule quite easily because he can hear his father and I discuss why this would be better or why this isn't going to work. So once he is told that there is a change in schedule he understands. My daughter has missed all the background conversation and all of a sudden is forced into a change of plans. This throws her off and she is diffiuclt to deal with for a few moments. Now I realize all children are different and there are varying degrees to everything, this is just a personal example.

Now deaf children do need to learn to be flexible, but at home they also need to feel comfortable and undistracted so that learning can be done and relationships built. The best thing is to have a rough schedule of daily events and make a visual for your deaf child. Some kind of calendar or chart to show pictures of what must be done and in what order. Don't set it up by times as this is stressful to follow. Just make a general order of events so your deaf child knows what comes next. You will find that your child will start to do these things without being told. It really gives them a sense of independence when they know what needs to be done and can take care it without being reminded.

Our family schedule:
Wake Up
Eat Breakfast
Brush Teeth
Get Dressed
Fix Bed
Bible Story
Free Play
Snack Time
Free Play
Snack Time
Quiet Time
Free Play/Finish up any schoolwork or chores that need to be done
Bible Quiet Time
Bed time

I have little ones so there is a lot of free play time. They need time to explore. During these times I have things available like sidewalk chalk, swimming, colors, puzzles, games, etc. My kids don't have very many toys so they spend a lot of their time outside playing. Of course I can get away with that right now because I live in Texas.

A schedule does not need to be a complicated thing, just a guidline to help you through the day so that your child doesn't feel lost and confused. If you need help developing a schedule for your family, please feel free to email me!

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