Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wonderful Art of Horses

by How Great Thou Art

Once again art is a wonderful means of expression for the deaf child. How Great Thou Art has done it again with another great resource. Their books are so much more than art lessons!

This book is geared toward the reader, 8 years and up. My daughter is 9 and not yet able to read independently, but I simply sign her all the information. It has not been a problem. This book is also set up to be worked in, but I chose to have my daughter draw on paper and create a notebook rather than "use up" the book. Materials needed, other than a sketchbook, include a black drawing pen and a good set of drawing pencils.

While the child is learning to draw horses, he will also learn to the colors, patterns, parts, breeds, markings, measurments, skeletal, equipment and horse word definitions. The child will draw realistic and cartoon horses. Writing activities are also included. The book includes quizzes throughout to insure the student is learning more than just drawing. And for a plus, the author educates the student about famous horse artisits! This is truly a gem!

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