Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our 24 Family Ways

Our 24 Family Ways
Whole Heart Press

This is a family devotion book that would work well for the hearing or deaf. It is simply set up so that any family could use it successfully. Using an outline for each of the 24 Ways or Values, the authors make it self-explanatory and easy to use. The outline used is called A.R.T.S.

A – Ask a question.
R – Read the Bible.
T – Talk about it.
S – Speak to God.

You will need your Bible and if you have young children you will want to add the 24 Family Ways coloring book. Each way includes five days of family devotions, but each family could use as few or as many as they pleased. The authors’ website offers printable “Make Your Own Way” worksheets and suggested Bible stories that will correspond with the 24 family ways.

The book is completed with a family statement, “We’re on the Way,” which each family member would sign and a celebration could follow!

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