Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Plans

Sorry for the pause in entries, but Summer is almost upon us! Are you ready?? Every summer we are bombarded with things to do, places to see, and people to visit. Where are you going this summer?

As homeschoolers schooling doesn't stop just because it is June. We keep doing our school work, but we also take advantage of the summer reading programs and camps available. Most reading programs are free to participate in, as they should be. Here are a few:

Half Price Books

Pizza Hut Book It

Book Adventure

Barnes & Noble's

Borders Reading Challenge

And don't forget to check your local library. Last year my kids earned free tickets to the circus through our local library! It was exciting!

There are also many camps available during the summer. Check your state deaf school and see what they have going on in the summer. Here in Texas, TSD always has some fun up their sleeve!

We are blessed to be attending ASDC Conference in Oklahoma!! We are so very excited.

And don't forget all the things IP has planned! There is so much to do - don't miss out!

These are all great events to get our kids around positive deaf adults and deaf friends.

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