Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Resources for the Family

I just realized I have never posted a blog about all the many resources available to the family with a deaf child! Other than Isaiah's Place being the best place to be, here are some other great resources:

My first recommendation is going to be American Society for Deaf Children. Your first year is free, you just need to ask! They also host a wonderful family conference (aka vacation) every other year. This is a wonderful resource to have.

Hands and Voices will be my second pick. They have state chapters which you can locate on their website. They are an awesome resource for current laws per state and advocating for your child.

Many states offer a telephone assistance program. DARS offers such a program in Texas. We used it and my daughter received a free cell phone for text messaging.

Texas has a great network of deaf events called Deaf Network. It really is the best way to stay informed of what is going on around Texas.

Texas School for the Deaf has an incredible Outreach office. The outreach office offers services to students that do not attend TSD. They also offer a lending library for free! Tell Lisa Crawford that I sent ya!

Deaf Missions and Silent Blessings are awesome Christian resources. They offer fun videos, books, Bibles and more! They also do a family camp every year.

Harris Communications offers tons of resources.

That should get you started! Have fun digging around.

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