Monday, May 5, 2008

Peter Parker Magnets

Peter Parker Magnets sent me a selection of their magnet sets. First they sent me their blank magnets. The blank magnet offers the teacher to use as needed with a white side to write on. It comes with 25 blank pieces.

The second set was the sign language magnets. ASL letter was on the white front and the English letter was on the black magnet side. It came in a handy hole-punched pocket and with a guide sheet for learning the ASL alphabet.

The last set I received was the spelling magnetic kit. It also came in a hole-punched pocket for storage. The 144 pieces included vowels in red and consonants in blue. The kit came with instructions for six games ranging from very beginning reading simple blended words to playing with and building harder words. This kit could give your deaf student that extra practice playing with the English language, with the extra help of color-coded letters.

Then, to round out my magnetic experience, I received a magnetic sheet. This was a hole-punched, lap-sized magnetic sheet for using all the magnets. All could easily be stored in a binder and taken on road trips for easy practice in the back seat. This product would not be any different for the deaf than for the hearing, except that most deaf won’t need to learn the ASL alphabet. But if your young student is having a hard time connecting the signed letter to the written letter this would be fun and easy practice.

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