Thursday, May 1, 2008


Lively Lessons

This product serves the purpose of building a story. It organizes the student’s thoughts and helps create order to a story. It is a large, colorful, engaging, dry-erase, fold-out board that breaks up what?, who?, where?, and how?. It contains 13 steps for brainstorming, including a place to draw pictures for each part of the story. On opposite side there is a sentence builder, paragraph planner, eleven word lists for the brainstorming section, and guidance notes.

This is great for the deaf learner because grammar/spelling is not an issue. This will help create the story without stressing over spelling and grammar. Once facts are established, move into correcting grammar and spelling. The pictures for the story are great too as the student can see their story on paper and then describe it in words. The word lists on the back of the board give the student a jumping board for describing their pictures. If creative writing is a struggle for your deaf student, then this tool may help make it a stress-free and fun experience.

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