Thursday, May 1, 2008

Story Time

Reading Stories to your Deaf Child

I have three children, but only one of them is deaf. They all love to hear a good story, but reading one book to all three at the same time has its challenges. During the day I do read books to each one individually, but on occasion they all want the same story. We usually wait until daddy comes home. Then he can read the story while I sit next to him and sign. But it is such a bummer to have to wait for dad to come home.

I came up with a solution! All you need is a tape recorder and some blank tapes. During a quiet hour, record yourself reading the books on the tape leaving pauses between pages for picture viewing. Then use them during story time. Let the player read and you can sign the story. Of course if you are zealous and want to video tape the signing, that works too. I don’t have that option available and think that the kids would much more enjoy having a live signer.

So for those of you that find it easier to sign without reading, I hope this helps. Reading and signing at the same time is not a talent I have.

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