Friday, September 5, 2008

Using an Interpreter

Our daughter had her first experience with a professional interpreter. What an experience! We never go anywhere demanding more than "mom" as the interpreter. And we love all the volunteer interpreters at IP, but I've never had to request an interpreter for an event. Well . . . this summer all three of my children earned a free Ringling Brothers Circus ticket by reading 5 books. This was a really big deal for us! So I planned ahead and called the event center's office a month early, actually my husband called while I was in labor! It was so easy! They gave us no hassle and set it up within the week. We were all very excited, especially me! I didn't have to sign or answer questions during the show. The interpreter was awesome and Shelby loved it. She actually watched the interpreter for the two hours we were there! She tired a little at the end, but did great! She felt so special. I wanted to share this little story for those out there that might be a little unsure about requesting an interpreter. I've always been hesitant to ask when I know that I could do the job. But I also realize that my daughter needs to learn how use an interpreter, she needs to know that they are available for her. She even told the interpreter that her "mommy can't sign because she has to feed the baby." Wow! She really understands whats going on. She realized that I can't always do that for her.

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