Thursday, September 25, 2008

Schedule Dilemma

A while back I wrote an article on the importance of scheduling with children, especially deaf children. You can check that out here.

I wanted to share how we are using schedules in our home. Shelby will be 10 years old in a couple of weeks! Wow! She is a busy little thing, but really likes having that schedule. She likes to know what to do next and what everyone else will be doing. I've tried all kinds of schedule charts that I spent hours trying to create. I've even made picture cards of each job for each child. That was cool, but so much work! Because I also had to remember to change the cards out every evening.

So I got the bright idea to let the kids make their own schedule. What a concept! Not only did they have fun drawing all the pictures of each job, they remember their schedule much better. I made it real simple, but you could make it more elaborate. I took a piece of printer paper and folded it until I had 16 blocks. They numbered the blocks so that they would know which order to go. Then I told them what to draw in each block. I went back and wrote in the task to help with reading skills. Since the blocks are small, I wrote it. (Their handwriting can get rather large.LOL)

Happy scheduling!

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